Die Casting Brake


ASK is one of the largest Aluminum die casting manufacturer in India. We are the leading manufacturer of Brake Panel assemblies and Crank Cases in the country. We have state-of-the-art centralized design & die tool manufacturing facility where we make around 300 dies annually.
ASK has pioneered innovations in Die Casting that deliver precision results (mostly first shot ok) within shorter lead times.


  • In house tool room
  • In house metallurgical lab and testing rigs
  • Leak testing machines
  • X-Ray testing
  • Tomography technology
  • Humidity monitoring
  • Excellent part-to- part repeatability
  • Quick die changeovers
  • Flash-free castings with rapid cycle speeds


Pressure Die Casting:

  • ASK manufactures Aluminum die casting parts for passenger cars & two wheelers. The product range includes Crank Cases, Cover Magneto, L cover, Grips, Front & Rear hubs, throttle body, Heat sink & heat covers, Panel, and Wheel assembly and pre honed Cylinder blocks.
  • We have 120+ pressure die casting machines ranging from 120 T locking force to 900 T locking force.
  •  In our continuous endless quest for excellence we have  state of the art Inspection & testing facilities this includes CMM, TMM, Spectroscope, Radiography & Tomography, Thermography camera for die temperature measurement, Tensile testing equipment and laser scanning machine.
  • A decade of continuous learning and development stands us in good stead with knowledge & the technical knowhow for die casting. This has  enabled us to greatly reduce the product development lead time through in house design which includes solid modeling and flow analysis software.

We are a complete solution provider from die casting to machining, and painting to assembly, we deliver value.

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