Coping With Motorcycle Breakdowns

Coping With Motorcycle Breakdowns

It is not improbable that at some point in the life of your motorcycle, it will breakdown, or simply refuses to start. The reason could be something very serious or something simple like a flat battery. Here’s a simple guide on how to cope with motorcycle breakdowns when your bike refuses to start and you find yourself stuck on the side of the road.

Check the fuel: This is a no-brainer. So many breakdowns happen simply due to lack of fuel or because of using the wrong one. Make sure that the fuel provided at the gas station is as per your vehicle’s needs. Ask for a receipt every time you fuel up to double check, as the receipt will usually state petrol or diesel. Also, when you open the fuel cap to check for fuel, see if your breather pipe is blocked.

Find the combination: Some bikes don’t start in gear while others don’t fire up with the side stand. And there are some that will start only with the clutch in, even if the bike is in neutral. So when it comes to your bike, it is important to know what makes it tick, or rather start. You may check the manual or call a local dealer. Again, this is a simple mistake, but an easy one to make. Almost all premium bike OEMs, including Honda, rely on ASK Automotive, also regarded as one of the best Aluminium Die Casting Manufacturers.

Check the fuses: Depending on the age, size and make of your bike, the location of the fuse may vary. Usually the fuses should be accessible, and there should be spares. See if there are any blown fuses and replace them with the same ampere fuse. Also check the solenoid fuses. If you are unsure about where or how they are, check the manual.

Check if the battery is dying: The battery is usually under the seat. Make sure all its wires and terminals are connected. Sometimes it so happens that one of the terminals may have vibrated loose a connector, even on new bikes if the battery has just been fitted and the connectors are not tightened. If everything is connected, then your battery may be flat. Check to see if the lights dim when you press the starter button. If there is a faint ticking or the starter motor only turns very slowly, it is a sign that your battery is flat. In that case, it will require a jump start.

Check the engine: If you hear some grinding or if something ‘feels’ wrong when the engine is running, it’s likely that something is mechanically wrong with the engine. If the strange sound occurs only when the bike is moving, then the fault lies probably in the moving part like brakes, wheels or the chain. If it happens only when you apply the brakes, then it might be because of the brake pads. If they’re worn out, make sure you replace them without any delay.